Melbourne Pool Inspections Frequently Asked Questions

Melbourne swimming pool and spa owners have a legal obligation to ensure that they maintain the effective operation of swimming pool and spa safety barriers. Gates and doors must remain closed, except when entering the pool or spa. If done incorrectly, this can prove both costly and dangerous to your family and loved ones. BBC Pool Inspections answers some of the most commonly asked pool safety inspection questions. 

If you do not see an sewer to your pool safety inspection below, then call us on 0418 539 777 and speak to our certified SPASA pool inspectors to arrange an assessment and inspection report.

Pool Compliance Certificates

1How long is a certificate of compliance valid for?
A certificate of barrier compliance is only valid for 30 days after it is issued. It must be lodged with the relevant council within this period. If the certificate is not lodged within the 30 days, a new inspection must be carried out and a new certificate issued and lodged with the relevant council.
2What is a certificate of non-compliance?
A certificate of barrier non-compliance can be issued by a pool and spa inspector if they determine that the barrier is not compliant.
3Is there a fee for a certificate of non-compliance?

Yes – after the BBC Pool Inspections lodges the certificate of barrier non-compliance with the council, the council will notify you of the fee and the due date for payment (not less than 28 days). The maximum fee that can be charged is $385.10. Please check your local council's website for the applicable fee in your municipality.

If you do not pay the fee by the due date, you may face an on-the-spot fine of approximately $330 and a penalty of up to $1,652.20 issued by your local council.
4Who lodges the certificate for your pool barrier non-compliance?
We will lodge a non-compliance certificate on your behalf with your local council and supply you with a copy of the certificate.
5How long do I have to comply with a certificate of non-compliance?

The barrier improvement notice will specify a date by which you must rectify the barrier and lodge the certificate of barrier compliance with your council.

This means that you will need to have the swimming pool barrier re-inspected before the specified date.